Rates And Statistics

View our official earn rates, giveaway prizes and statistics.

Earn Rates

-> TF2 servers are giving the user 1 Coins every 3 minutes, amounting to a total of 480 Coins every 24 hours.

-> Mining is giving the user 30 Coins every 4 million mining tokens.

-> Promotions are giving the user:

-7000 Coins for creating a Youtube video about our website that is at least 1 minute long.

-3500 Coins for writing a blog post about our website which includes at least 700 words.

-1500 Coins for linking our website on your social media profile, the profile needs to be actively used.

-> Surveys & Offers are giving the user a 70 / 30 split for each dollar earned that means for every dollar earned the user is given 0.70$ in Coins.

->Android App lets users earn 2 Coins for watching 30 seconds of video ads it also features offers which also have a 70 / 30 split as above.

-> Watch Videos gives users 40 Coins every 3 video ads .

Giveaway Prizes

-> Daily giveaways on our TF2 servers are giving away between 28.000 - 70.000 Coins every 3 days to a lucky user.

-> Monthly giveaways on our website are giving away between 70.000 - 350.000 Coins every 30 days to a lucky user.

-> Twitch Giveaways give users random Steam game keys these giveaways are only being held while the steam is live.

-> Daily Steam Key gives the user the option to claim a random Steam game key every 24 hours for only 400 Coins.

-> Daily Claim users are able to claim 50 Coins every 24 hours for free.

-> Discord giveaways give users random Steam game keys on a consistent basis.


These are currently the official earn rates & giveaway prizes for joingiveaways.com

(Please note that these rates can change at any time and should not be taken as final, we will however try our best to inform users of any larger changes.)